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Tears of Crimson

Some Fairy Tales Should Never Be Outgrown


Lana - R.K. Lilley Blown away, and why haven't I heard of this author before? This book was amazing and just what I was waiting to read. Sexy and emotional! This story really resonated with my emotions, and yes I cried but I'm a sentimental sap! It was really a powerful story and even if you don't like the graphic sex scenes in books, I think this one will appeal because of the feelings the characters make you feel. I could really connect with Lana, and that might be a personal thing because the experience reminded me of someone from my youth. This story, in my opinion should be getting a lot more praise! I'm sold on this author and already bought another book. Don't let the length bother you, yes it's not full length BUT it is an adventure I'm glad I didn't bypass!