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Rake with a Frozen Heart (Harlequin Historical)

Rake with a Frozen Heart - Marguerite Kaye Rake with a Frozen Heart - Marguerite Kaye

Captivating Story of Romance

Author Marguerite Kaye delighted me with her romance and I found myself completely entranced in the story she so artfully weaved.
Henrietta Markham wakes to find herself in the bed of the notorious rake, Rafe St Alban, Earl of Pentland. After being charged with the crime of theft, she is forced to accept his help in clearing her name or find herself imprisoned. Her job as governess is terminated as her employer blames her for stealing family heirlooms, and her only hope is that the Earl can help find the thief before her reputation is tarnished beyond repair.

The story line never slows down and will keep the reader on the edge of their seat waiting to see if the independent Henrietta can melt the cold heart of the Earl. His past will leave your heart aching and hoping that he finally gets the chance to resolve his past so he can move forward. Without giving away all the plot, let me just say that this book truly captivated me and it's going to be a book you'll remember for a long time after the story has ended. This is historical romance at it's best.