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A Kiss in the Wind

A Kiss in the Wind - Jennifer Bray-Weber Review By: Michelle Hughes author of the Tears of Crimson, vampire series

Carina Press presents A Kiss in The Wind by: Jennifer Bray-Weber

A Kiss in the Wind is a lusty Pirate tale of adventures on the seven seas. I fell in love with the vibrant Marisol and her never-give-in fighting spirit. Set in the 1700's, when piracy was in full swing, it was easy to get swept away in this story of romance!

Tyburn, the hero of the story, has a dark past and rebels against the desire the feisty Marisol fills him with. The chemistry is phenomenal between the pair, and I found myself yearning to find out in the end, just who would be conquered.

Weaved within the love story is the past of the lovely heroine, and the ending blew me away. It was one of those moments when I just had to stop and say, "I never saw it coming." It was a pleasant surprise. Incredible characters, sensational story line, and a romance so hot it shivered my timbers! I give this my five star seal of approval for one great ride!